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How to: Transfer iPhone WhatsApp Data to Android In 2018 [Solved]

Last Updated on 13/10/2018: – WhatsApp local backup is not found – Fixed ✓

Switched to Android device from iPhone?

And I’m pretty sure now you must be facing the issue with transferring WhatsApp data from your iPhone to your new Android device. Well, if this is then. This quick how-to guide is for you.

Recently, my brother shifted to Samsung Galaxy S8 from iPhone 7 and I must say it wasn’t easy for me to successfully transfer all his WhatsApp data to Android. There are a lot of fake paid apps and software available that would do nothing. There’s a lot of content available that’s of no use since it’s outdated. Even I’ve checked on a couple of forums and Quora and got to know hundreds of people do face this issue. So, then I thought why not share the method which worked for me on the blog so that it can help my readers.

So let’s get started.


What are the main issues?

  • First and foremost, WhatsApp doesn’t have any feature for putting the backup on Google Drive like we’ve on Android platform where you can backup entire WhatsApp data on GDrive and then restore the same on any Android Smartphone. Here on iOS, Only the iCloud Whatsapp backup is available and that’s of no use for migrating WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android. I hope they’ll integrate the same feature on iOS app too.
  • You can’t see, extract the iOS backup even it’s not encrypted. You need some third-party iOS backup viewer to do this. While On Android, you just need to plug your device into the computer and just copy the WhatsApp internal data folder to the phone you’re switching.

How to Migrate All WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android?

Here are quick steps you need to follow to transfer all iOS Whatsapp Data to any Android Device. Click the step to see the complete explanation.

Step 1: First and foremost thing, make a complete backup of your iPhone using iTunes and important thing to note here is, make sure it’s NOT encrypted.  If you don’t have iTunes Installed, download it from hereTo back up, your iOS device just opens iTunes on your PC or Mac and connect your iOS Device. Follow the onscreen steps if asked like enter your passcode or trust the computer. From Backups at the bottom, select ‘This Computer’, uncheck ‘Encrypt iPhone Backup’ and click Backup Now.

Step 2: Download and install this ‘iBackupViewer’ One of the best and free iTunes Backup Extractor. Here are its download links for Windows | Mac.

Now, you got the iPhone BackUp Viewer, let’s extract the WhatsApp Chat File and Media File from the iPhone Backup you’ve done in step 1.

Step 3: Open ‘iBackUp Viewer’ and it will auto-detect your iPhone Backup. Click the iPhone image shown there and then follow the steps shown in the screenshots.

Follow this video to have a glimpse what exactly you’ve to do in the coming steps.


Click the last icon show in the window to get the WhatsApp backup files.


Search for AppDomainGroup-group.net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.shared and export WhatsApp Chat File that would be with the name of ChatStorage.sqlite.


Now, we need to export the WhatsApp Media File as well that would contain all photos, videos, gifs etc.  To do that, just search for AppDomains-net.whatsapp.WhatsApp folder and then go to the subfolder ‘Libray’ and export the Media folder from there.

If you can’t find WhatsApp Media folder in iBackupviewer as shown in the below screenshot, you’ll find it here > AppDomainGroup-group.net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.shared > Message > Media. Select all sub-folders under ‘Media’ and then Export all selected. Kindly note, there are two media folders, you need to select the one that’s inside Message Folder. 
Screenshot Courtesy: Wazzapmigrator

Woah! Half of the work is done now. Now, you’ve got WhatsApp backup files from your iPhone Backup. Now, as you guessed it right all we need to put them on your Android Smartphone. Here we’ve to use a very nice Android Application that would convert all iOS Whatsapp data into Android.

Before proceeding, completely remove the existing Whatsapp on your Android device.

Step 4: Download and Install ‘WazzapMigrator‘ app on your android device. It’s a paid app, though they have also got the lite version that would not extract the media files so it’s better to support the developer and grab the full version. So, you don’t get any type of issue while data migration. The app only costs around $4.49. In case, you’re facing any issue in getting the Pro version, you can try with getting any crack apk of this but I would never recommend that.

Step 5: Once you install this app on your Android Device, you’ve to move those two WhatsApp files (Chat and Media One) that we’ve got in step 3 in your Internal Storage of your Android Device.

To paste these files, connect your android device to windows or mac and it should show you the Internal Storage if not try Android File Transfer tiny software from Android to do the same.

Where to paste these files?

Once you connect your Android Device to your computer, you’ll see ‘WazzapMigrator folder’ in the internal storage. Just move those two files ChatStorage.sqlite and Media files there.

What Next?

Open the WazzapMigrator app on your Android Device and it should auto-detect your iPhone backup there now. If not, manually give the path to WhatsApp Backup files. Once it’s done, click the play button there and it’ll start converting all the WhatsApp Data. It may take some time depending on the size of your files.


Last Step 🙂
Whatsapp has released a new version (2.18.260) which doesn’t support restoring from local backups so this in case we need to use the older version (2.18.248) which is currently working. Thanks to Nicola (Developer of WazzappMigrator for this fix). Now, to restore from local backup, all you need to do is:

  • completely remove the existing Whatsapp on your Android Device.
  • Disable Whatsapp Google drive backup. To do this, just go to drive.google.com. In the top right, click the gear icon  > Settings. On the left, click Manage Apps. Find “WhatsApp” in the list. Note: If your backup is large, WhatsApp might take a few minutes to display. Click Options > Disconnect from Drive or “Delete hidden data”. Please note, once you restore your all Whatsapp data to Android, you can connect it back and back up it to your Google drive. This is just for stopping Whatsapp from automatically backing up from Google Drive.
  • Disable the auto-updates apps from Google Play settings for a while until you restore your all messages.
  • Enable Unknown sources from Android settings -> Security -> Unknown sources.
  • Now, download and install this Whatsapp Apk of version 2.18.248 (Which supports restoring from local backups).
  • Verify your number and it’ll auto-detect the local backup generated by WazzapMigrator App 🙂

Once it’s done. You’ve to install the fresh copy of WhatsApp on your Android Device from Play Store and once you enter and verify your number it will auto-fetch the backup from your WazzapMigrator app. Tap ‘Restore from the backup’ to restore to iPhone backup.

I hope this how-to tutorial has helped you in migrating iPhone Whatsapp Data to Android Device. Do let me know in the comments if you’re facing any issue.

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  2. Nicola Beghin

    Hi Govind, WazzapMigrator’s developer here! thanks for the detailed tutorial!
    BTW the old whatsapp version is not required anymore with latest wazzapmigrator version.

    For anyone else: feel free to drop a line if you need help!

  3. Govind Choudhary

    Hi Nicola,

    First of all thanks for making such a helpful app, there are thousands of people face this issue while WhatsApp data migration from iOS to Android. And that’s the reason I thought to share a working updated tutorial for this.

    Yes, updated the article regarding the old WhatsApp version.

    Another thing about you that I like the most is you’are available 24×7 to personally help people when they face any issue, I can clearly see on the blog you’re replying to every comment, that’s so nice. Keep doing a good job, Nicola.

  4. Zayn

    Hi, I am unable to locate the Media folder to transfer the whatsapp media files, the media folder is not located in the folder you suggested to look in, the only folders I am able to see within that folder are Backup, Cookies, FieldStats and preferences. I have been able to transfer the chat history file fine but I am just struggling to locate the media folder.

    Thank you

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Zayn,

      Yeah, I got the issue and updated the article. If you didn’t find the WhatsApp Media folder in the old folder, try browsing to this path > AppDomainGroup-group.net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.shared > Message > Media. Select all sub-folders under ‘Media’ and then Export all selected.

      Hope it helps.

  5. Nikhil Manchanda

    Hi Govind.

    Thanks for writing such a detailed article at first.

    In the step below
    Search for AppDomainGroup-group.net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.shared and export WhatsApp Chat File that would be with the name of ChatStorage.sqlite.

    I am not able to locate ChatStorage.sqlite. file,

  6. Govind Choudhary

    Hi Nikhil,

    No problem, it’s a bit lengthy but I want to cover up everything so the readers also understand what’s going on behind the scene.

    Did you take the complete iPhone backup properly in unencrypted form? Can you see the other files of WhatsApp in the backup? Just follow all steps as mentioned, you will see all files there. Even then if you face the issue, ping me up again here.

  7. Gupta

    Hi Govind am also having same problem unable to see ChatStorage.sqlite. file and am using 11.3.1 IOS version can u advice me

  8. R20

    Hi I’m having problem regarding the media file, the media file I have can only see in the AppDomainGroup.whatsapp.shared (sorry didn’t want to type out the whole thing)> Media, I followed your step but Wazzap said I have the wrong file

  9. Lauri Laitinen

    Thank you SOOOOOO much!!! After searching through half the internet I finally found a working solution. I managed to both messages and media without a problem.

  10. Faisal

    Really great app. I successfully backed up on Android. Actually was two different Whats app accounts so had to delete local back ups for my old account from whats app backup folder manually, whihc worked. now running two account on same phone. 🙂 All due to Govind Choudhary. Thumbs up man. 🙂

  11. Adrian

    Hi Govind,

    First and foremost, thank you for such detailed instruction. I am now exporting the media but I too cannot find the Media folder (in both the links given). But I can find hundreds of jpeg files under one of the link. It looks something like below. Should I highlight every single one for export?
    Message/Media/[email protected]/d/e/d/de7e48-104-45xxxxx.jpg

    Do I only export the jpeg, how about other files? (will videos from my whatsapp be exported this way?)

    Also, do I need to create separate folders for ChatStorage.sqlite and all the media jpeg files for importing into Android?

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Andrian,
      No problem.

      Import all sub-folders under Media primary folder that will import all photos, voice notes, and videos. You don’t need to select individual files. Coming to the second question, you don’t need to create a separate folder; all you need to do is copy these two files to your android phone’s Wazzapmigrator folder. Once it copied, run Wazzapmigrator and it will auto-detect the backup.

  12. Adrian

    Hi Govind,

    Thanks, it works! Although some files after export got corrupted but nevertheless, almost all my whatsapp chat and media are now in Android.

    Just to be sure, I can now delete All the files inside my Wazzapmigrator within my Android folder?

  13. Kostas Chiotis

    Thanks for sharing this Govind. Switching from Android to iOS is a nightmare when it comes to data transferring but this App really seems to be a great solution…

  14. Gede Khresna

    Hi, if I may ask, what folder should I Export from iBackup Viewer if I want to restore not only the photos, videos, etc but also want to restore documents that was sent to my iPhone whatsapp? any help, please?

    Thank you very much. hope I can execute the restoration successfully

  15. Govind Choudhary

    Hi Gede,

    Whatsapp Media folder contains everything right from your photos, docs, voice notes, GPS location etc. So, don’t worry you’ll get everything there. In case, you’ve any doubt, comment below and I’ll help you out 🙂

  16. Jason

    Hi, after I install wazzapmigrator on my Android phone(Huawei P20pro) and connect to computer, I can’t find wazzap folder in the internal storage, how do I copy the backup file to wazzap folder?

  17. Atchabarov Munarbek

    Hi Govind!
    Your tutorial is really the best of all throughout the internet. Really appreciate your willingness to help all of us 🙂

    I have only one problem left: while trying to restore backup from Wazzap migrator, my Whatsapp is offering just restoring backup from Google Drive. And not leaving me option to restore backup from Wazzap.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Atchabarov,

      I’m just glad it’s helping a lot of people.

      Did you copy the chat and media files in the Wazzapp migrator as mentioned in the article? And also, you need to use Wazzapmigrator app after copying files to make the iOS data compatible on android. Whatsapp will automatically detect the backup once it finds the compatible backup file.

  18. Shivram Manjunath R

    Thanks a lot for this writeup!
    Been fiddling to get the whatsapp transferred for 2 days.
    Tried dr.fone, but for some reason my laptop gets a BSOD during the conversion phase of the transfer.
    Finally did this and I’ve cloned the entire whatsapp including images and videos.

    I’ve a doubt, may sound noobish – do I need to keep the backup files on my phone(inside the wazzap migrator folder) even after I got it all in whatsapp?

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Shivram,

      I’m just glad it helped you. Initially, the same thing happened to me. I browsed a lot of guides and none was working.

      No, once the restoration is successful you don’t need to keep the files, you can even uninstall Wazzapmigrator.

  19. Anand

    Hello All, similar to whatsapp how to migrate the notes created in iphone to android via this backup viewer.. i have all my notes created in gmail id in iphone..i can extract from backup but not sure where to place under internal storage in android.. thanks in advance..

  20. Prathamesh

    Hey Govind sir

    Is it really possible to transfer all the whats app chat from iphone to android? and does it work for HIKE?

  21. Vanshika Gupta

    Trying to copy the media folder to android phone’s internal storage, but it stops at some particular file (mobileno.thumb) and the entire process stops. Tried extracting the backup again and repeated, problem persists. How do I copy the entire media folder??
    please help!

  22. Govind Choudhary

    Hi Vanshika,

    I guess your media file is corrupted. You can try uploading the required files on Google Drive as a zip and then download and extract the same on your phone. Use the apps like 7Zipper to extract the zip file and then move them to Wazzapmigrator folder.

    Hope it helps.

  23. Sam

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your effort. At the begining i thought it wont work but i tried it anyway. And here i am enjoying my new/old whatsapp. The voice messages was moved as well

    1. Govind Choudhary

      haha! Most of the how-to guides on this blog are personally verified by me. So, that’s the reason I can explain things better in the simple and effective way. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I’m happy this guide helped you.

  24. Rishi

    Hi ,
    Anything for Symbian to Windows to Android…I was able to successfully import data from Symbian to windows..but can’t find anything for windows to android…

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Rishi,

      Follow these steps for transferring Whatsapp data from Windows Phone to Any Android device:

      1: Backup Whatsapp in the SD card on your Windows phone.
      2: Insert the same SD card on your Android Phone.
      3: Install WhatsApp on Android device and verify your number.
      4: After verification, WhatsApp will ask you to restore your chats and media from a backup from SD card. Simply tap “Restore”.

  25. Komal

    Hi, I can’t find any WhatsApp file (chat or media) in the iBackup Viewer. Please help… Also, are there any alternatives for WazzapMigrator? It seems that there isn’t a lite version. Its for purchase only.

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Komal,

      Can you able to see other files there in the ibackupviewer? If you can’t see any file there, try with a fresh backup. Also, read again the steps mentioned in the article, you might have missed something.

      No, currently this is the only Android app which can make iOS Whatsapp data compatible with Android.
      Yes, the author has removed the lite version from play store. If you don’t want to pay, you can grab the lite version apk file from the web but that won’t restore the media files. If you have got the money, grab the Pro version and support the developer.

  26. Aditya Gupta

    Hi Govind,

    First of all a big thank you for laying the entire process of migrating whatsapp data from an iphone to android phone in the most simplistic and practical manner. I have been searching since hours for a solution and this blog has been the most useful.

    Now I am on the last step of migration, where the App has located the media folder and it made a checklist of all items to be imported and converted.

    It is now Searching chatstorage.sqlite file and is taking a lot more time than usual in completing it. My whatsapp back-up folder after downloaded from itunes was close to 8gb and I had around 6 years of whatsapp data on it.

    How much time do you think this process of searching chatstorage.sqlite will take?
    It’s been over half hour that its been doing.

    Hope this is normal. Please advice.

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Aditya,

      Thanks, I’m just happy it’s helping a lot of people from all over the world.

      Yeah, this process may take up to 2 hrs depending on your backup size.

      By this time, I hope you’ve successfully transferred all your data to your new Android phone. Do ping me here, if you still need any help.

  27. Aditya Gupta

    Thanks Govind,

    It had got stuck somewhere, so I restarting the process after which I was able to download the data and complete the process. My whatsapp is on now and it has starting backing up to my Google drive also. What an achievement!!

    Now one thing seems to be missing. I’m unable to trace my broadcast lists which I created on my old iphone. I had atleast 10 of them created very selectively.

    Does wazzapmigrator also imports all your Broadcast lists?
    I remember during the data import by iphone viewer, I did notice the broadcast lists getting downloaded.

    Appreciate your reply.

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Rajat,

      Sadly, I didn’t find any other working option other than this. Earlier, there used to be a lite version of the wazzapmigrator app but the author has removed it. You can try some crack version of the app, but I’m not sure it will work.

  28. Komal

    Hi again!

    I refreshed and everything appeared. Thank you so much. This is the only guide that has helped me and i’ve searched for days on the internet. I bought the WazzapMigrator and it was really worth it.

    I’d also like to import my notes, and messaging history as well. I have not backed these up to iCloud, nor do I want to. What is the name of the file that I would extract from iBackup Viewer to import data and media from these apps? Would I then follow the same steps using WazzapMigrator?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Komal,

      Great. I’m happy it helped you!

      WazzapMigrator is only for making iOS Whatsapp backup files compatible on Android OS. For notes, you can sync your iPhone notes to iCloud. Once all synced, access them at icloud.com and paste them in your Google Keep here. > https://keep.google.com/. You can also try emailed all notes to yourself and then open them in the keep app.

      Hope it helps.

  29. Duha

    Hi Govind.
    I have backed up by iPhone not via iTunes but manually. I now have the samsung s9 and I am finding it hard to retrieve the backup. I don’t know how to restore that back up that I did manually on the ios. Is it possible?

  30. Shamma

    Hi Govind,

    I can’t export the media file to my laptop.. the (selected…) button under the export is disabled. Do you have any idea how to get it to work?


    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Shamma,

      Are you on Windows or Mac? Which software you’re using to export media files? Kindly explain a bit. You just need to click the media folder and select all the subfolders or files and then hit the export button.

  31. Duha

    Hi Govind,

    I have already factor reset the phone. Hubby is now using it. What shall I do now? Does this mean I cannot retrieve the back up?


    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Doha,

      You told you’ve manually backup your iPhone. Where is it stored? Do you have still have it? If you don’t have a backup there’s no way to get the files back once you factory reset the iPhone.

  32. Nazmi

    Hi Govind Choudhary and Wazzapmigrator developer!

    Im from Malaysia. Thanks god! You guy made my day! Finally I successfully backup and restore my wife phone (iphone to P20pro) Data around 5GB.

    With only 1 trial I follow the step carefully and exactly, this ‘how-to’ and the apps really work like a charm!!! Really worth it to buy this apps. Recommended!

    Thank you very2 much guys. U really2 will help many people out there. thank again for this tutorial and the apps!! God bless you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Nazmi,

      That’s great 🙂
      We all should thank Nicola Beghin for developing this wonderful app. I’ve seen a lot of people are facing the issue and there’s nothing as such which is working, so I just wrote this definitive how-to guide. I’m just happy it’s helping a lot of people around the globe.

      Thanks for your kind words!

  33. Sunny

    Hi Govind,

    Can you please also write a guide on transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone alongwith media ?

    Thanks a ton

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Sunny,

      Transferring Whatsapp data from Android to iPhone is easy. You can use Google Drive to backup first on Android and then simply restore on iPhone using the Google Drive. I’ll try to write an article on this too.

    1. Govind Choudhary


      Did you install the app? The folder is auto-created once you install the app and then all you need to do is copy those backup files in that folder. If you’re on Mac, use Android Manager to connect and copy the backup files to the desired folder.

  34. Roxane

    Hey I do have same issue, when I want to export media files the (selected…) button under the export is disabled.
    I did everything as mentioned in your workaround

  35. Mahima Singh

    I backed up my WhatsApp chat by clicking on “Backup now” in iPhone n i lost my iphone, now when I install WhatsApp in Android phone it is only asking for Google drive backup. How can I get my WhatsApp chat history on my new Android phone?
    Also, I remember my appleID and password only. PLEASE HELP!!! It’s URGENT!

    1. Govind Choudhary


      As of now, there’s no option to transfer WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Google Drive and since you don’t have the phone with you now, all you can do is, first restore that Whatsapp backup on any iPhone by logging-in to your iClould first and then you can follow this guide to restore WhatsApp on any Android Device. So, in a nutshell:

      1: Take any iPhone which doesn’t have Whatsapp installed and if yes, uninstall it.
      2: Logout from the existing icloud account and login with yours where you’ve restored the backup.
      3: Install a fresh copy of Whatsapp from App store and select restoration from iCloud.
      4: Now, follow this guide from step 1. to transfer all WhatsApp data from this iPhone to any Android Device.

      Hope it helps.

  36. Melanie


    I paid for the app and even added the message backup file to wazzapmigrator in my android. But when I installed WhatsApp , it asked me only for a backup from Google drive,to which I said No!
    I got no option to restore chat data from wazzapmigrator
    I failed at the LAST STEP please help 🙁

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hey Melanie,

      Did you run the app after putting the backup files in Wazzapmigrator? It’s a necessary step which will make your Whatsapp backup compatible on Android. So, once you put the extracted backup files in Wazzapmigrator folder on your phone, run the Wazzapmigrator app and click the play icon. It may take some time depending on your backup size. Once, it’s done, install the fresh copy of Whatsapp and it will detect the backup.

  37. Gopi Mani

    Thanks Govind for your superb article. I was carrying my old iPhone 5 (only for WhatsApp) and my new phone OnePlus 6 last one week. Successfully migrated all whatsapp data from iPhone 5 to Android (OnePlus 6). In WazzapMigrator summary mentioned about few corrupted messages / images, but not a big deal when comparing to the data restored successfully. Once again thanks a lot Govind

  38. Joe Munoz

    Thank you so much, you are a genius! Took me a few hours to do everything right from beginning to the end, but it eventually worked.

  39. Ashlea D'Souza

    Hi, im struggling with extracting the media, i have found the folder but when i select the files the extract button is greyed out? Any idea why?

  40. Deepti


    I followed all the steps you have mentioned.But I am unable to convert the whatsapp data in the migrator.
    I tried manually entering the path but this is the message I get.
    Chatsorage.sqlite found @/storage/emulated/0/wazzapMigrator/ChatStorage.sqlite

    Can you please help me with this. It took almost 3-4 hours to transfer my media files in the wazzupmigrator.

    This is how my files look in the migrator

  41. KD

    The Lite version of WazzapMigrator doesn’t seem to be available and the full version is now $8.99. Do you know of any app that will transfer just texts? I don’t need to transfer media….

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi KD,

      Yes, they don’t have a lite-version anymore.
      Yes, I show the developer has increased the price but I didn’t find any other cheaper working solution.
      But, in your case you just want to transfer chat, you can try using the WazzapMigrator lite version apk that will help you to transfer chat. Find the apk on the web.

      Hope it helps.

  42. Nishiy Agrawal

    Hey bro,
    The article you wrote for this procedure is too good and useful, i was searching to do the same chat migration with my hike buy stumbled upon this article. It would be great if you could tell me any way to do the same with the application”HIKE”. Cheers 🥂

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hey Nishiy,

      To be honest I don’t use Hike so never tried. But since I’m getting a lot of queries for Hike, I’ll try to do this and write a similar how-to tutorial on the same. Stay connected to the newsletter so you don’t miss out.

  43. Moro


    Excellent walkthrough. I followed your steps and managed to get the files converted by WazzapMigrator to where they belong (which was done by WazzapMigrator itself). I now have a Whatsapp folder on the root of my sdcard which contains 2 folders: Media and Databases.

    The next step (6) would be installing Whatsapp and verying my number. After that it should detect my backup,… but it doesnt 🙁

    I have looked inside the both folders in Whatsapp folder and both contained files you would expect (Media has all my images and videos inside their own folder and Databases has 1 file: msgstore.db)

    Can you please tell me if that .db-extension is the right one? Because i remember whatsapp changing the chat backup to msgstore.db.crypt?

    And why wont it detect my chat backup?

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Moro,

      If you’ve successfully converted the files in WazzapMigrator then it should auto-detect when you install a fresh copy of Whatsapp. Just check once again you might have skipped something.

      You don’t need to touch those internal files. Make sure to uninstall the Whatsapp first and then install it again it should detect the backup.

      Anyway, if it doesn’t work then too, just ping me up again.

  44. City


    I’ve just got the same issue. After Re-installing Whatsapp my Phone is not suggesting to load the backup data. Someone figured out why?


  45. L

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the detailed and really helpful post. I’ve followed all the steps so far and extracted all my data.

    What I’m trying to do is transfer via usb to my phone’s internal storage. The folder wazzapmigrator migrator isn’t there. I have installed the app on my phone.

    What do you suggest?

    Thank you

  46. Kat

    I have followed the steps but I am running into an issue. When I go to export the chat a pop up comes up stating that I need the Pro version. Is there anyway around this?

  47. Vijay

    Thanks for the forum.Much helpful. My iPhone4s damaged due to battery and NOT able to switch ON and I lost all my latest stuff since backup happened year back. I followed the method using iBackupviewer(free version) and my IOS is 9.3.5 and iTunes Version: I cannot able to select single file even using free trial. Pl help how to select and export the ChatStorage.sqlite using trial version?

  48. Steven


    Thanks for this article which was a great help until the step it should detect my backup. Whatsapp doesn’t give me option to update from folder in my android phone. It is either from Google Drive or skip restore backup. I have followed the steps several times & every time I stuck at this step. I even tried transfer the files to my Google Drive for whatstpp to detect but to no avail. Govind, can you help? Thanks.

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Steven,

      As I’ve said it earlier, if you’ve successfully converted your backup in Wazzapmigrator then it should auto-detect the backup. Just make sure you uninstall the older WhatsApp version and install a fresh copy and use the same mobile number.

      Do let me know if you still getting the same issue, I’ll personally check and update here.

  49. morayo

    I have tried to use this and I am getting really frustrated. I seem to be able to move the chat files but I am having serious issues with the media files. I couldn’t find them to way you said so had to highlight them individually and export. having done that I am now trying to move onto the wazzap migrator. It says it will take 16 !!!!! hours to copy. how can that be possible???? please help. it appears that the chats have moved far as I can see but certainly not the media files 🙁

  50. morayo


    I have followed all the steps you have stated and I think I have done everything properly but seem to have issues with the media files. first I had to highlight them and copy manually as it wasn’t showing as a folder. having done that I am trying to migrate it into the S9 wazzap folder but it says it will take 16 !!!! hours to copy. how can that be? I suspect I have done something wrong but have absolutely no idea what it is. hope you understand my gibberish


    Hey is it necessary to uninstall whatsapp?
    Like I disabled it so would that be fine as well I am at the step of putting my chats and media in the wazzapp migrator folder

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Divyanshi,

      It’s not necessary, you can also remove all the cache and Whatsapp data by going to apps and WhatsApp Settings that will act as a fresh install. Once you done with Wazzapmigrator step, launch the Whatsapp app and follow the steps to restore.

    1. Govind Choudhary


      This guide won’t work for migrating Whatsapp from Android to iPhone but you can try backing up your Whatsapp to Google Drive and then restoring the same on iPhone using Google Drive. You can also try with some free software like Whatsmate for the same.

  52. Shafiq

    I have followed all the steps above in detail (everything was successful) but when I uninstalled the old version of WhatsApp and reinstalled the new WhatsApp on my Android, it only gives me the option to back up from Google Drive. It doesn’t detect the internal backup.
    Could it be because I have my gmail/hotmail accounts already set up on the new phone?
    Is there a way to save the WazzAp Migrator backup on to google drive so it can pick it up?
    WhatsApp blocked me out for 2 days because I requested verification too many times 🙁

  53. Shivam

    Govind after copying ChatStorage.sqlite to wazzapmigrator folder , and then running the wazzapmigrator app after selecting the above file manually (as it did not found it automatically)
    , the process is completed and then when i install the whatsapp and after the verification, it asks for google drive backup which is not present so i have to skip it and then it starts initializing without restoring any backup , WHAT TO DO ! Reply ASAP !!

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Shivam,

      I think there’s some issue with the latest version of Whatsapp. I would recommend you to try downloading and installing the older version of Whatsapp and repeat the same steps. Completely uninstall this version before you install the older version.

      Hope it helps. Do let me know if you face any issue.

  54. Pedro

    I already put the two files in the wazzamigrator folder, but when i open the app it doesnt auto-detec the backup. its a iphone back up, but the app just ask me for a winddows phone file. and when i do it manually its says that there is not a messages.db file found

  55. amith kumar


    very cleverly and clearly mentioned on how to take the ios whatsapp data from back up. thank you so much for the details provided. it was indeed very helpful. brilliant effort made by you. thank you so much again.

  56. Charn

    Hi Govind,

    Thanks for your guide! I having trouble with the 1st step. Did a fresh backup, downloaded the iBackup Viewer. iBackup Viewer can’t detect the latest backup. Any ideas or am I missing something?
    Thanks in advance.

  57. Emmi

    Hi I’ve run into a problem. When I export the ChatStorage.sqlite file it has 40MB in the iBackUp Viewer, but once exported it has 0 Bytes and I copied it into the wazzup folder but it doesn’t detect it (also not the media, but I am not to fussed about the media)

    Help would be very very much appreciated 😉

  58. Mukelani Vilakazi

    Hey GMan; thanks for this bro.

    I’ve been at this for more than 6hrs trying to find what works. From your tutorial, to the step-by-step process I must say its some impressive work.

    Godspeed G.

  59. Rahul Sinha


    Thanks for the post. I followed your steps and managed to get the files converted by WazzapMigrator to where they belong (which was done by WazzapMigrator itself). I now have a Whatsapp folder on the root of my internal storage which contains 2 folders: Media and Databases.

    The next step (6) would be installing Whatsapp and verying my number. After that it should detect my backup,… but it doesnt 🙁

    I have looked inside the both folders in Whatsapp folder and both contained files you would expect (Media has all empty folders and Databases has 2 files: msgstore.db & msgstore.db.crypt5)

    It’s always asking to restore using my Google drive account which has my 2 yrs old Andorid phone’s data and not local backup. I even deleted those data manually from my google drive settings but still not luck. Would really appreciate if you can help in restoring my chat backup.

    I think I need to look for an older version of Whatsapp but for now I have locked myself out for 12 hrs. 🙁 It would be great if you can mention the Whatsapp version number so that I don’t lock myself out due to multiple attempts.

  60. Rahul Sinha

    Hi Govind,

    You’re pretty late now my friend. I tried with August and Sept versions but it didn’t work. Now I have already done a new setup on Android and lost all previous msgs & media.

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Abid,

      This guide won’t work for migrating Whatsapp from Android to iPhone but you can try backing up your Whatsapp to Google Drive and then restoring the same on iPhone using Google Drive. You can also try with some free software like Whatsmate for the same.

  61. Steven

    Hi Govind,

    I finally managed to transfer the data from iPhone to my Android phone using the updated fix. Thank you very for your effort to help to solve the problem. I really appreciate your help and effort.

  62. nashi

    My back up folder is n users/apple/Mobilesynch/Backup… instead. I changed to that in the preferences, and back up is detected…but then I can’t find the chat or media file at all. the only this showing is a folder “Library”. in the right pane. In it there are 3 folders: Cookies, Fieldstats and Preferences. NOt sure where to find the chat or media back up.

  63. Bowie

    Hi Govind,

    Thanks for this tutorial, i’ve almost succeeded to completely transfer all my whatsapp info from my iphone to my Huawei.

    But the media folder or folders i must say wont transfer.
    (im working with a Macbook)
    First of all they are not detected by Wazzapmigrator so I’ve manualy dragged them into the Wazzapmigrator folder on my Macbook once my Huawei was connected.

    Then, on my Huawei the Wazzapmigrator app detects the chatstorage file, but not the media.
    Can this be because the media is in all individual folders?
    And the chatstorage file is a .sqlite file?

    Do you know any way to work with individual folders or how i can transfer all of them into one file?

    Thanks so much!

  64. Hussain

    Hi Govind,

    I bought wazzap migrator on my Nova3 but can’t see the wazzap folder when trying to copy the files to my phone. I am using android file transfer app as well.

  65. Shareef

    Hi all. I downloaded the iBackup Viewer and followed your steps carefully but Icould not find any folder in the directory of whatsapp. When I click on AppDomainGroup-group.net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.shared on the right side it shows all the messages and the media as files but there is no folder whatsoever neither in the left under the AppDomainGroup-group.net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.shared , nor on the right on the contents

    However I manages to find the ChatStorage.sqlite in between all the files but I could not find any folder for messages> media. What shall I do any suggestion. Shall I just click on every file with the mention of media there are more than 6689 files but no folders.

    Your kind help and advice is highly apprecaited

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hi Shareef,

      Try restarting the extract and just search for Whatsapp in the left column, and while exporting select all folders in Media from the right column.

      Hope it helps. Do let me know if you still face any issue 🙂

  66. italo toniolo

    Hi Govind!!
    I have the whatsapp file into whatsappmigrator folder in my lg g3, but when i start app, no way ….always say me no proper messages .db given 🙁

  67. italo toniolo

    Hi Govind!
    Yes…i did all correct…….but buy winwazzapmigrator and not wazzapmigrator :)))
    I contact the developer and as soon as i wrote him…….i had a refund so, i bougth the right wazzapmigrator…….all run perfectly!!!
    Thank you to you and thank you to Nicola!!!

  68. Chris


    I tried your updated tuto, but it doesn’t work. The migration has been done with medias. But WhatsApp can’t find the “local” backup and ask for google drive even with an empty and already disabled google drive backup.

    Then I tried to install the old WhatsApp version. Downloaded the old version. But installation failed on my Huawei.

    So, I have my media and chat history inside the WhatsApp File system, probably ok, but Whatsapp can’t reach them.

    Any idea ?

  69. Chris

    I downloaded the WhatsApp version (1.18.248) in my download folder. When i install it, the install program answer: program not installed.
    May be incompatible with huawei P20 Pro or the android, I don’t know…

  70. Aam

    Hi Govind,
    I have 3 iphones with old whatsapp messages which I could not migrate to Android previously. If I follow your method & do it now, would it wipe out all the current messages & media in my current Android phone? Thank you for your help.

  71. Tommy

    Thanks for an excellent writeup Govind! The solution works really well. Too bad I only saw this after I forked out a lot of money for another competitive software that doesn’t work and also wasted so much time figuring why it isn’t working. Nevertheless I am grateful I get to keep more than 5 years of messages. I am not surprised that iOS doesn’t offer alternate locations for WhatsApp backups. WhatsApp messages remain the most important data Google couldn’t assist users to migrate. Imagine the exodus of people going to Android smartphones because they are finally sick of making Apple rich.

    1. Govind Choudhary

      Hey Tommy,

      Yes, you’re totally right there are a lot of fake and spammy softwares out there. I myself researched for hours initially to find the working solution and while researching I got to know thousands of people are actually facing the issue as Changing from iOS to Android is normal these days 😛 And that made me to write this complete how-to tutorial. I’m just happy it helped a lot of people.

      Yes, Apple is Apple. Hope they’ll come up with an easy solution in the near future. And yes, you’re right there 😀

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