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How to: Transfer iPhone WhatsApp Data to Android In 2018 [Solved]


Switched to Android device from iPhone?

And I’m pretty sure now you must be facing the issue with transferring WhatsApp data from your iPhone to your new Android device. Well, if this is then. This quick how-to guide is for you.

Recently, my brother shifted to Samsung Galaxy S8 from iPhone 7 and I must say it wasn’t easy for me to successfully transfer all his WhatsApp data to Android. There are a lot of fake paid apps and software available that would do nothing. There’s a lot of content available that’s of no use since it’s outdated. Even I’ve checked on a couple of forums and Quora and got to know hundreds of people do face this issue. So, then I thought why not share the method which worked for me on the blog so that it can help my readers.

So let’s get started.


What are the main issues?

  • First and foremost, WhatsApp doesn’t have any feature for putting backup on Google Drive like we’ve on Android platform where you can backup entire WhatsApp data on GDrive and then restore the same on any Android Smartphone. Here on iOS, Only the iCloud Whatsapp backup is available and that’s of no use for migrating WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android. I hope they’ll integrate the same feature on iOS app too.
  • You can’t see, extract the iOS backup even it’s not encrypted. You need some third-party iOS backup viewer to do this. While On Android, you just need to plug your device into the computer and just copy the WhatsApp internal data folder to the phone you’re switching.

How to Migrate All WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android?

Step 1: First and foremost thing, make a complete backup of your iPhone using iTunes and important thing to note here is, make sure it’s NOT encrypted. To back up, your iOS device just open iTunes on your PC or Mac and connect your iOS Device. Follow the onscreen steps if asked like enter your passcode or trust the computer. From Backups at the bottom, select ‘This Computer’, uncheck ‘Encrypt iPhone Backup’ and click Backup Now.

Step 2: Download and install this ‘iBackupViewer’ One of the best and free iTunes Backup Extractor. Here are its download links for Windows | Mac.

Now, you got the iPhone BackUp Viewer, let’s extract the WhatsApp Chat File and Media File from the iPhone Backup you’ve done in step 1.

Step 3: Open ‘iBackUp Viewer’ and it will auto-detect your iPhone Backup. Click the iPhone image shown there and then follow the steps shown in the screenshots.

Follow this video to have a glimpse what exactly you’ve to do in the coming steps.


Click the last icon show in the window to get the WhatsApp backup files.


Search for AppDomainGroup-group.net.whatsapp.WhatsApp.shared and export WhatsApp Chat File that would be with the name of ChatStorage.sqlite.


Now, we need to export the WhatsApp Media File as well that would contain all photos, videos, gifs etc.  To do that, just search for AppDomains-net.whatsapp.WhatsApp folder and then go to the subfolder ‘Libray’ and export the Media folder from there.


Woah! Half of the work is done now. Now, you’ve got WhatsApp backup files from your iPhone Backup. Now, as you guessed it right all we need to put them on your Android Smartphone. Here we’ve to use a very nice Android Application that would convert all iOS Whatsapp data into Android.

Step 4: Download and Install ‘WazzapMigrator‘ app on your android device. It’s a paid app, though they have also got the lite version that would not extract the media files so it’s better to support the developer and grab the full version. So, you don’t get any type of issue while data migration. The app only costs around $4.49. In case, you’re facing any issue in getting the Pro version, you can try with getting any crack apk of this but I would never recommend that.

Step 5: Once you install this app on your Android Device, you’ve to move those two WhatsApp files (Chat and Media One) that we’ve got in step 3 in your Internal Storage of your Android Device.

To paste these files, connect your android device to windows or mac and it should show you the Internal Storage if not try Android File Transfer tiny software from Android to do the same.

Where to paste these files?

Once you connect your Android Device to your computer, you’ll see ‘WazzapMigrator folder’ in the internal storage. Just move those two files ChatStorage.sqlite and Media files there.

What Next?

Open the WazzapMigrator app on your Android Device and it should auto-detect your iPhone backup there now. If not, manually give the path to WhatsApp Backup files. Once it’s done, click the play button there and it’ll start converting all the WhatsApp Data. It may take some time depending on the size of your files.


Last Step 🙂

Once it’s done. You’ve to install the fresh copy of WhatsApp on your Android Device from Play Store and once you enter and verify your number it will auto-fetch the backup from your WazzapMigrator app. Tap ‘Restore from the backup’ to restore to iPhone backup.

That’s it.

P.S. If you’re facing any issue in restoring to the local backups to the new WhatsApp 2.18.9 and later. Try with the old version (2.17) apk that you can get from this link. Also, make sure Enable Unknown sources from Android settings -> Security -> Unknown sources to install this apk.

I hope this how-to tutorial has helped you in migrating iPhone Whatsapp Data to Android Device. Do let me know in the comments if you’re facing any issue.

Have good day folks 🙂

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