Have you been one of the people who rush to a coffee shop during breaks just to eat a quick bite or use the free wifi? I raise my hand. For most of us waiting at the airport for delayed flights is an awful experience. What makes it better is the unlimited free wifi. But almost thirty minutes into the surfing or downloading, you realize that there is a restricted time limit on that free unlimited wifi. What to do next? You can always pay extra for the wifi if it is very important to finish the work. But there is always another option where you do not have to pay. You can try different ways to hoodwink the internet and bypass the limited time on free wifi. Now, how to do that? Let’s learn today!



1. Hack 1: Using PrivateVPN

Having a PrivateVPN is one way to bypass time restriction on free wifi. Every network interface controller has a MAC address which remains the same unlike IP addresses which change from device to device. With a MAC address, the Wifi network can detect how long you have used the wifi. This MAC address is not just limited to Apple products. If you plan to change the MAC address then you can use it to bypass the restricted time. You can use VPN like SurfShark which offers great features in an affordable price. Do check out this SurfShark VPN Review to know more and grab their ongoing deal 2 year deal for just $47.76.


Bonus Tip:

You can also use Tor browser for bypassing network restrictions. Watch this video on how to configure the setting in TOR for the same.

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  1. Interesting to read such stuff and thanks for sharing content like this. Hope this will help people to bypass the WiFi time limit.


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