How to: Transfer iPhone WhatsApp Data to Android In 2018 [Solved]

Switched to Android device from iPhone?

And I’m pretty sure now you must be facing the issue with transferring WhatsApp data from your iPhone to your new Android device. Well, if this is then. This quick how-to guide is for you.

Recently, my brother shifted to Samsung Galaxy S8 from iPhone 7 and I must say it wasn’t easy for me to successfully transfer all his WhatsApp data to Android. There are a lot of fake paid apps and software available that would do nothing. There’s a lot of content available that’s of no use since it’s outdated. Even I’ve checked on a couple of forums and Quora and got to know hundreds of people do face this issue. So, then I thought why not share the method which worked for me on the blog so that it can help my readers.

So let’s get started.


What are the main issues?

  • First and foremost, WhatsApp doesn’t have any feature for putting backup on Google Drive like we’ve on Android platform where you can backup entire WhatsApp data on GDrive and then restore the same on any Android Smartphone. Here on iOS, Only the iCloud Whatsapp backup is available and that’s of no use for migrating WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android. I hope they’ll integrate the same feature on iOS app too.
  • You can’t see, extract the iOS backup even it’s not encrypted. You need some third-party iOS backup viewer to do this. While On Android, you just need to plug your device into the computer and just copy the WhatsApp internal data folder to the phone you’re switching.

How to Migrate All WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android?

Step 1: First and foremost thing, make a complete backup of your iPhone using iTunes and important thing to note here is, make sure it’s NOT encrypted. To back up, your iOS device just open iTunes on your PC or Mac and connect your iOS Device. Follow the onscreen steps if asked like enter your passcode or trust the computer. From Backups at the bottom, select ‘This Computer’, uncheck ‘Encrypt iPhone Backup’ and click Backup Now.

Step 2: Download and install this ‘iBackupViewer’ One of the best and free iTunes Backup Extractor. Here are its download links for Windows | Mac.

Now, you got the iPhone BackUp Viewer, let’s extract the WhatsApp Chat File and Media File from the iPhone Backup you’ve done in step 1.

Step 3: Open ‘iBackUp Viewer’ and it will auto-detect your iPhone Backup. Click the iPhone image shown there and then follow the steps shown in the screenshots.

Follow this video to have a glimpse what exactly you’ve to do in the coming steps.


Click the last icon show in the window to get the WhatsApp backup files.


Search for and export WhatsApp Chat File that would be with the name of ChatStorage.sqlite.


Now, we need to export the WhatsApp Media File as well that would contain all photos, videos, gifs etc.  To do that, just search for AppDomains-net.whatsapp.WhatsApp folder and then go to the subfolder ‘Libray’ and export the Media folder from there.


Woah! Half of the work is done now. Now, you’ve got WhatsApp backup files from your iPhone Backup. Now, as you guessed it right all we need to put them on your Android Smartphone. Here we’ve to use a very nice Android Application that would convert all iOS Whatsapp data into Android.

Step 4: Download and Install ‘WazzapMigrator‘ app on your android device. It’s a paid app, though they have also got the lite version that would not extract the media files so it’s better to support the developer and grab the full version. So, you don’t get any type of issue while data migration. The app only costs around $4.49. In case, you’re facing any issue in getting the Pro version, you can try with getting any crack apk of this but I would never recommend that.

Step 5: Once you install this app on your Android Device, you’ve to move those two WhatsApp files (Chat and Media One) that we’ve got in step 3 in your Internal Storage of your Android Device.

To paste these files, connect your android device to windows or mac and it should show you the Internal Storage if not try Android File Transfer tiny software from Android to do the same.

Where to paste these files?

Once you connect your Android Device to your computer, you’ll see ‘WazzapMigrator folder’ in the internal storage. Just move those two files ChatStorage.sqlite and Media files there.

What Next?

Open the WazzapMigrator app on your Android Device and it should auto-detect your iPhone backup there now. If not, manually give the path to WhatsApp Backup files. Once it’s done, click the play button there and it’ll start converting all the WhatsApp Data. It may take some time depending on the size of your files.


Last Step 🙂

Once it’s done. You’ve to install the fresh copy of WhatsApp on your Android Device from Play Store and once you enter and verify your number it will auto-fetch the backup from your WazzapMigrator app. Tap ‘Restore from the backup’ to restore to iPhone backup.

That’s it.

P.S. If you’re facing any issue in restoring to the local backups to the new WhatsApp 2.18.9 and later. Try with the old version (2.17) apk that you can get from this link. Also, make sure Enable Unknown sources from Android settings -> Security -> Unknown sources to install this apk.

I hope this how-to tutorial has helped you in migrating iPhone Whatsapp Data to Android Device. Do let me know in the comments if you’re facing any issue.

Have good day folks 🙂

How To Receive Affiliates Earnings Via Payoneer [India]

I’m into (US) Affiliates from last year Black Friday and earned thousands of dollars till date. Since I’m from India and pays through only cheques; there’s no direct deposit or wire transfer facility available for Indian affiliates like Google Adsense.

So, if you’re from India or from a country where the Amazon Direct Deposit is not available and then this how-to guide is for you which will explain how you can get your Amazon U.S. affiliate Payment through direct deposit within 24 hrs.

amazon payment payoneer

Issues with Amazon

One thing I didn’t like of Amazon is that you can’t track your cheques (I don’t know Why they do so) as these are sent through Normal United States Postage and it’ll take around two weeks to reach Metro cities in India and can take up to a month if you’re from other cities or rural area. Many times my cheques returned back to Amazon, Seattle without even any notification. And if you’re cheque once returned, you’ve to report it from affiliate account and ask for re-issue. It’ll again take 1-2 month to get and encash it. Once you get the cheque you’ve to again wait for another 10-15 days or more depending on your bank to encash it. So, basically I was totally fed up from this Amazon affiliate payment method and I started looking for an alternative to this.

One day I posted the issue on Twitter and @Payoneer hit me back, Hey you can use Payoneer to receive your Amazon U.S. affiliates earnings, it’s fast, low-fee and secure. And after some research on Payoneer, I created the account on immediately and it took around a week to get my account approved. But these days you can get your account approved within 24 hrs.

payoneer amazon payment
How to Receive Amazon U.S. Affiliate Payment Via Payoneer?

Yesterday, I got my affiliate earnings through Payoneer and I’m pretty impressed by their service. Amazon usually dispatch the cheques or do direct deposit (Only for US, UK Affiliates) on 28 of every month and you’ll be surprised to know on 28 September itself I got my earnings in my Payoneer Account and on 29 I got my earnings in local currency directly in my Indian bank account. And the best part is, I didn’t have to pay so much fee for this transaction.

Now, if you’re from India or from other countries where the Amazon Direct Deposit is not available like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc. then you must be thinking how can I get rid of this Amazon cheque method and opt for Payoneer to receive my affiliate earnings. Don’t worry, I’ll explain you each and everything from changing your payment method to receive funds but this article may no longer so grab a coffee and relax.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is Global Payment service which allows you to get your earnings from US & European companies directly in your bank account in your local currency at minimal cost. You’ll be provided with a US bank account number and routing number that you need to give your affiliate company to receive funds. It’s like you have an account in US & Europe. Payoneer supports all big companies from US & Europe like Amazon, Google, 99Designs, Elance, oDesk, Getty Images and much more. Click here to check the list of Payoneer supported companies. Still, have any kind of doubt about Payoneer? Watch this video:

What about the fee & Exchange rates In Payoneer?

This is the question we ask when we hear about any new payment service and here are the answers when it comes to leader Payoneer.

  • Receiving Payments: Receiving both US & Euro Payments in Pioneer is completely free.
  • Withdraw funds: The main thing is withdrawing funds and exchange rates. Transferring funds to your bank account are again free in Payoneer means you’ll get the exact amount of dollars or euros that company has sent you. Now, you must be thinking how is Payoneer earning then? 😉 Read the next paragraph.
  • Exchange Rates: Payoneer provides the best exchange rates if you compare to other Global financial services like Paypal and others because Payoneer conversion rates based on the official mid-market rate at the time of transfer. Mid-Market here refers to the middle point between the currency’s official “buy” and “sell” rate and is considered to be one of the best rates available. You can use the tools like XE to estimate mid-market rate.
    In addition to the mid-market rate, Payoneer applies a currency conversion charge of 2% and that’s the only Payoneer fee for receiving funds to your Payoneer account to transferring and withdrawing funds in your local bank.

Note: Payoneer doesn’t show exchange rates in your dashboard if you want to check the exchange rate for your transaction go to this Mastercard page and it’ll show you the exchange rate after selecting the date of the transaction. The rates shown on this will be in ‘USD per 1 INR’, if you want to check out exact mid-market exchange rate you got, check XE mid-market.

Payoneer Purpose Code

Recently I’ve received a couple of queries from readers asking for Payoneer Purpose code. Purpose Code is nothing, it just describes the nature of Foreign Exchange Transaction that helps RBI to identify and classify the Forex transactions. So, you need to select the purpose code which accurately describes your business transactions. Here are all the purpose codes from RBI along with Purpose description to give you an idea of which purpose code is suitable for your Business Transactions.

In the case of affiliate, the purpose code would be Advertising, trade fair services (P1007) that include services related to SEOs, SEMs, Social Media, Web Designing and even Internet Marketing. So, if you fall into this category then just select this purpose code and click update.

Payoneer Limit For Indian Users

  • Single Transaction Limit INR 5,00,000.
  • Daily Payoneer to Bank transfer limit is INR 5,00,000
  • Monthly Payoneer transaction limit INR 2,500,000

Sign up For Payoneer & Earn $25 as Bonus

Payoneer is running a special offer for new users where you can grab $25 as the bonus when you receive at least $100 from any company supported by them. To grab this bonus all you need to do is sign up using the below link and wait for your first 100$ payment from Payoneer.


Lets Get Started

Step 1: First you need to create an account on Payoneer and I’ve hope you’ve already created an account using the above button and grabbed $25 Payoneer bonus. If not, Click this link to register and grab the reward. If you would have clicked this link, you’ll see a page something like the below screenshot, enter your personal details as shown and click next to enter your contact details.

SIgnup for Payonner

Step 2: Next enter your correct address associated with the bank account number followed by zip code and your mobile number. You may have to verify your number so enter the one which is active and you’ve access to.

Payoneer Review

Step 3: At the next step you need to enter your bank account details followed by IFSC code. Do make sure all the details are correct; double-check them.

Payonner bank account details

Step 4: At the next step, just enter your password followed by a security question.

payoneer security details

Woah! You’ve successfully created your account on Payoneer. Now, Payoneer team will review your details and within a day or two, your account will be approved. Once you get an approval email, just log in and it’ll ask to create two security questions for account safety purpose. After updating the security questions, you’ll be redirected to your Payoneer dashboard.

Now, click on ‘US Payment service‘ from your dashboard and at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a kind of cheque with your name, a/c details, routing number etc. (As shown below). These details we need to give to Amazon people so that next time your earnings will directly transfer to this account and then Payoneer will transfer it to your bank account directly.

How to Change Payment Method In Amazon Affiliates to Payoneer?

Step 1 :  Go to your associates account and click ‘Account Settings’ link at the top right and then click ‘Change Payment Method’ OR click this direct link that will directly take you to payment method page, of course, you need to login first.

Enter the details you got from Payoneer A/C.

Step 2: Now, I suppose you’re on Payment method page. If yes, then change your payment method to ‘ Pay me by direct deposit (The United States Based Associates Only)’ don’t be surprised now you have an active US bank account now 😛 And copy the details from that Payoneer ‘US Payment Service Page’ and paste on this Amazon web page. Again double check this details. Once you entered all the details and verified them click the submit button at the bottom.

That’s it, folks. You’ve successfully changed your amazon affiliate payment method and next time you’ll get your earnings through Payoneer itself.

Do comment below or Tweet me if you’re facing any kind of issue in this process. Stay subscribed to my newsletter to get awesome stuff like this.


How to Setup Firefox Profiles In Windows and Mac

Mozilla Firefox has always been a very user-friendly internet browser. Most of its features concentrate mainly on simplicity and speed. Similar is the case with its profile manager. Firefox simply saves your personal information, bookmarks, passwords and user preferences in a different location. You can also save multiple profiles and switch between them according to your requirements. All this can be done with the Profile Manager and you don’t need any third party applications to set up your profile. Let us check how you can set up a profile on Firefox.


What’s Profiles in Browser and What’s the actual use of them?

Profiles in the browser it’s like user accounts on your computer. Each user account is having a single browser profile but you can keep more than one browser profile in a user account. Each browser profile keeps its own cookies, passwords, browser extension, history, preferences and everything else.

Profiles in firefox browser is useful in many ways like:

  • You can setup the different profile for personal use, work, any testing of extension or for secure browsing. I personally use, two different Firefox profile one for my SEO and Blogging thing and one for my personal use. So, all the SEO extension, Blogging Resources bookmarks and all other things I require for my work are in this profile and for my personal use, I use my personal browser profile. Every social or online account of my blogs are signed-in in work profile while my personal account and social channels I manage from my personal account.
  • If you don’t want to go with the separate user account on your computer and also want to keep the browsing data and personal things safe and separate then you can go and create a separate firefox browser profile. For example, your brother uses your computer sometimes only for browsing and online stuff then you can go ahead and create a different browser profile for him so that your browser history and personal information are safe and separate as well as his.

Now, lets learn how to setup Firefox profile in Windows and Mac.

Firefox Profile Setup for Windows

Setting up a new profile on Windows is a very easy task. Let us take a step by step walk-through to understand how to set up a new profile for windows.

  • Close Firefox completely. You can restart the system to ensure that Firefox is completely closed and not running in the background.
  • Click ‘Start’ and then select the ‘Run’ option. On systems using Windows 8 you can simply press windows button + R to access the run command. In the run command, type firefox.exe -p and press enter. OR just paste this line in your search bar at the bottom > C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -p and hit enter.
  • This will open up the profile manager. By default, you’ll see a single profile name “Default”.  In the profile manager, select ‘New’, to create a new profile and then enter a name for the new profile. If you don’t want a profile simply, open this Profile manager and click delete profile that will delete all your personal information, passwords, cookies, and cache.
  • If you don’t want to see the profile manager at startup, select the default profile to use and check “Use the selected profile without asking at startup”.


  • Once, you created your secondary browser profile, select the profile to use and click start firefox.

Accessing Firefox Browser Profile In Windows

To access the firefox profiles, all you need to do is again, paste this address in your search bar > C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -p -no-remote

It will open the same Firefox Profile Manager window from where you can manage your profiles and select the profile you want to use now. Follow the same procedure to jump into another profile while one is still running.

Create Shortcut for Different Firefox Profile

To access or switch between different firefox browser profile you can also setup custom shortcut on your desktop. All you need to do is, just copy existing firefox icon and right click the newly icon, go to properties and paste this line in target field > C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -p -no-remote 


Firefox Profile Setup For Mac

Mac users can also access the profile manager to create a new profile for Firefox. Let us go, through the process for better understanding.

  • Close the Firefox browser completely. The program should not be running or the process won’t work.
  • You need to launch Terminal to gain access to the profile manager. You need to select Applications, the select Utilities and finally choose Terminal OR you can directly search for terminal and follow the next step.
  • In the Terminal prompt, paste this >/Applications/ -P
    If you are facing problems with this command you can try including ‘bin’ in the command. For example, /Applications/ – profilemanager.


  • Hit Create profile and give a name to it as shown in the below screenshot. You can also choose a different folder to store the profile data by clicking on Choose folder.


  • Once you done with creating the profile, it will take you to the Firefox Profile Manager from where you can select which profile to use and set additional settings.
  • To use another profile, just search for terminal and paste the same address for Profile Manager > /Applications/ -P

With this simple process, you can also set up and manage Firefox Profile in Macintosh systems. Facing any kind of issue or want to ask anything? Just drop in the below comments.


> Mozilla Firefox Support

How to Find Unique Domains like,

Are you planning to set up a personal website or a web portal for the product you’re going to launch? Didn’t find your name or favorite domain available in traditional TLDs (Top Level Domain) like .com and you don’t want to go with other domain extensions like .net, .org etc.? Here is an excellent solution for you: Yes, you can go for domain hacks like  and Domain hacks are short, unique and memorable names. Now, the question is how to the unconventional domains like Delicious and


What does this mean?

This means that you can try out different permutations and combinations for finding a memorable domain name for your personal website or blog. Basically, you use all the domain extensions available to spell a word. Let’s take the example of which spells “Delicious”. But how did they do this? They just purchased (.US Extension) and created a subdomain as Del which makes it as 😉 Domains like and are completely valid if you’re not targeting a particular country. So, when we see it from the perspective of SEO,  it may impact your website traffic. But, now lets understand how to get a domain like a Luckily, there are some domain tools available online which can break your name and then auto try with all the domain extension available to make it a complete word like for bratt. (Here .tt is the extension of Trinidad and Tobago.) Some of my favorite domain hacks are –,, and

Let us explore some of the best domain hack tools available:



domains like
Screenshot of Domain.r website


Domain.r is the one of the best domain hack tool available online. This allows you to find the short, unique domains like and the best part is you can register for their portal itself. All you’ve to do is, just enter your keyword and domain.r will list all the possible combination of domains.


Screenshot XONA.

As mentioned earlier, this concept of finding domains like is termed as domain hacks and the idea behind is to spell the domain names as against appending them with traditional extensions like .com or .net. Here, Xona is another domain hack search engine that calculates all the possible permutations and combinations of domains. Xona also has a suggest domain hack page where you can find more than 300K domain hack suggestions. You can find the suggest page here >

Now, after having understood the sources from where you can find domains like, you might be thinking, why this type of service should be used and here are some details:

Why use a domain hack?

When you are planning to use such a service, it is important to consider the strengths of such a strategy.

  • The scarcity of .com: The right and suitable .com extension for your domain may be long gone. Even when you reach out an owner with a suitable .com domain name for your website, he might be charging a huge sum of money for the same, which might be far outside your budget or even some owners might be simply unresponsive for your request. On the other hand, domain hacks will come at a relatively affordable cost.
  • Branding: If you are looking for domains like for your business, the domain hacks service can be of great help in accentuating your brand. This type of service will give a sense of modernity to your website.
  • Shortening of URL: This benefit is specifically popular among big brands, who are looking for a branded short URL for using them on social media sites. For instance, Google has for URL shortener for the users. Facebook has for as URL shortener.

Buying a new domain? Here’s the exclusive offer for you!

Grab any .com domain at just 0.99$ from Godaddy. Click this link to avail the discount. Note, this is valid only for first-year registration.


The point to remember when you are planning to find short domain names like, is that these names can be the most valuable alternatives as a secondary marketing strategy, while maintenance of a more traditional domain for your main address. Do let us know which is your favorite domain hack in the comments.

How to Register iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Online for Warranty?


Since you have pre-booked your new iPhone 7, which is now about to rule the market as the beast, you need to make sure that whether the iPhone you are about to get is registered for the warranty or not. Unless bought from an unauthorized seller, every Apple product bought is automatically registered for warranty; the only thing you need to do is check for the warranty period. So you need not register your Apple iPhone 7 manually to receive technical assistance. Since the iPhone 7 is a high-end device, making sure that you iPhone 7 is registered for warranty or not is advisable.


First and the foremost thing you need to do is avoid buying your iPhone 7 through any seller that hasn’t received any authorization to sell Apple products. It not only makes your warranty null and void but also makes you liable for legal jurisdiction. To make sure you are buying from an authorized seller, look up for certificates or paperwork for authorization in an offline transaction or go for trusted sites like Amazon or from the official Apple site itself if you are buying online. As long as you buy the properly authorized product, your iPhone 7 is automatically registered for a single year of manufacturer warranty.

The next step is to check whether your iPhone 7 is registered for warranty or not or wants to check how much of warranty period is left if you want to extend your warranty on iPhone 7.

How to Check iPhone 7 Warranty Online?

The best and most effective way to check your warranty is through the official Apple site here. This site directly takes you to the page where you will be asked to enter you iPhone 7 serial number.

You can get this product serial number from the invoice or you can access it by Going to Settings > General > About and get your serial number along with other details.


Enter the serial number in the “enter your hardware serial number” dialogue box and input the captcha. Your total device details including date of purchase and total warranty period remaining will show up.

Valid Purchase Date – This confirms your purchase of the iPhone 7

Telephone Technical Support – This will show active and the date of expiration if validity exists or else will show expired and whether you are eligible to get Applecare protection plan extended the warranty.

Repairs and Service Coverage – If your repair and service coverage is active, the expiration details will show up. If expired, then your eligibility for Applecare protection plan will show up.

Covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan – This tab will only show up if you have activated your Applecare protection plan.

This is the same way to check iPhone 7 Plus warranty online.

In general, all Apple products come with a limited warranty of one year. You can extend them up to 3 years through the Applecare protection plan. In short, you need not register your iPhone 7 online for warranty, since all warranty are registered on your legal purchase.