Integrity – The Best Free Link Checker App For Mac

As you know, recently i shifted from Windows to Mac. So, I was searching for the best mac apps to get started then stumbled upon Integrity – a more than a free link checker app for mac. If you’re a blogger, then this amazing mac app is for you. It searches broken and bad links within a website quickly. Broken link means an incorrect address of a web page, it’s indicates by 404 error while bad link is link pointing to a spam website. Broken and bad link can be internal or external. There are many broken link checker websites online but they mostly checks limited links in your website or for fully auditing of the broken and bad links in your site, you have to get their premium account. And also checking and removing broken links is very important from time to time for a healthy SEO optimized site. Broken links can harm your ranking as well as lower down the user experience on the site. So, integrity link checker is the ultimate free solution for mac users, I think there must be something like that for Windows too, we’ll do a search on it and let you the windows freaks. As of now, lets get some more information about Integrity for mac.

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